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Our ethos is firmly grounded in hard work, creative thinking, and authenticity. We deeply value the trust bestowed on us by our clients and stop at nothing to provide stellar service and outstanding results. If you are selling, the team takes extreme pride in the presentation of your home and we choose vendors/partners that align with our sense of urgency and attention to detail. We exert every ounce of energy for buyers to ensure we are unearthing opportunity, in a timely manner, and positioning you to achieve your goals.

But we are not only about fanatics about aesthetics – we are strategists that work tirelessly to keep leverage in your favor. We have a keen nose for negotiations and our 20+ years of combined experience provides invaluable foresight helping to reduce risk, while simultaneously, increasing your odds for success.

JON DIRIENZO | Founder & Principal Realtor

Jon has built a reputation as a creative agent who curates an authentic experience, while delivering top-notch results, for his clientele.

His discerning sense of style and expertise presenting diverse property have put him at the forefront of Real Estate marketing. With each opportunity, Jon focuses on delivering persuasive prose and elevated marketing assets aimed at resonating with prospective buyers. His hyper attention to service is driven by his determination to succeed on behalf of his clients and he works tirelessly to maintain, and build, leverage during a transaction.

Jon hails from the New York City area and attended the University of Rochester where he played Football and Baseball. He has three boys and resides in San Anselmo with his wife, Leyla. Jon has been a Realtor since 2002.

JOE HOSNI | Realtor

Joe is genuine and steadfast in his approach to business and life. He brings a rare blend of big picture thinking and attention to detail to every relationship. His cool demeanor and laid-back approach have helped him to forge indelible relationships with colleagues and clients, alike.

Joe is a true expert at leveraging today’s media platforms enabling him to deliver our marketing messages to the widest audiences possible. He is adept at creating truly refined marketing assets that are well above standard for the industry.

Joe hails from, and embodies, humble historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin. He lives in Corte Madera with his wife, Pamela, and daughter, Camila.

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